J. M. Brodrick


"Against the wind"

Brian Sherwin, Fine Art Views.com, FASO.com

"There is a sense of calm about her work that is truly inspirational. I also love the way she utilizes as mix of expressionism and realism -- visually striking work."

equine art

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Fine Art Paintings

Kristen Thies, acclaimed American Artist
"I selected “Morning Glory” as a finalist by J.M. Brodrick because of the beautiful rendering. light and accurate drawing of the majestic horse in the sunlit field."

Kelley Sanford and Kim Van Der Hoek, The Art Muse Contest
'The strengthen of JM’s drawing skills pulls you into the painting and yet she didn’t feel the need to draw in every single detail.  We both appreciate the refined drawing of the horse and textural quality of the background. This piece combines representational and abstract aspects of painting in an effortless manner in addition to capturing beautiful light."